Lay a Cure It flat roof in cold weather with Extra Cold resin and topcoat

Winter is coming but no need to fear, Cure It Extra Cold is here!  The Cure It Extra Cold range has been manufactured to keep installers roofing right through the winter chill.  Our Extra Cold resins and topcoats will provide the same performance as the standard Cure It roofing system but at much lower temperatures. They have been designed to be used in temperatures between 12 degrees celsius and 0 degrees celsius, meaning that it will still cure when the resin, boards and ambient temperature drop right down to 0 degrees celsius.  The handling characteristics of the product has been modified so that the resin has the same ‘feel’ as you would expect at 12 degrees.

Visit your local Cure It stockist for the Extra Cold range.

PLEASE NOTE: Our standard Cure It range produced during this period is designed for use in temperatures of 5 degrees celsius and above. Our standard range is a suitable replacement for Extra Cold stock in all but the coldest period of the year.