The ongoing construction materials shortage is set to continue according to the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), with key building materials including OSB board being in short supply.

We are aware that this current shortage has impacted on the supply of 18mm T&G 2400mm x 600mm OSB boards (our recommended board for decking out a Cure It roof), and we want to provide you with guidance on how alternative decking boards (that might be more available) can be used with the Cure It System.

In order to increase the range of options available to contractors during the current shortages of timber stock, the Cure It Technical Team have been looking at alternative ways of using and applying Cure It while still conforming with our guaranteed standards.

OSB3 18MM T&G decking alternative option:

There is now a temporary additional decking option available in addition to the standard application onto 2400mm x 600mm OSB3 18mm T&G:

New Option: 18mm OSB 3 2400 x 1200mm

The application details are not specifically mentioned in the Cure It Guarantee, but will be covered under the terms of this notice.

Build-up should be fitted as follows:

New Option: 18mm OSB 3 2400 x 1200mm

Decking Installation:
Follow the manufacturers guidelines including:

  • Cut to suit joist locations so all edges of the boards are supported. Edges should terminate on joists or must be supported by noggins.
  • Fix in the same manner (200mm centres ensuring screws or nails are long enough to gain a minimum of 40mm penetration into joists).
  • Abutting boards need to be gapped 3mm to allow for expansion and contraction and roof deck should be staggered.

Cure It Installation Guidance onto 18mm OSB 3 2400 x 1200mm:

  • Stick masking tape over all the joints between the boards to prevent resin from draining into the gap.
  • Apply reinforcement bandage and resin over all of the joints between the boards using the same guidance as when applying it over trim edges.

Continue to fit the Cure It roof following our standard installation guidance.  Standard installation guidance can be found here

Installation video guidance will be available below shortly (please check back in a few days)