Welcome to the Cure It GRP Flat Roofing Video Guides

The video guides have been produced to assist with the installation of the Cure It GRP Flat Roofing System.  Browse through the collection of installation tutorials, how to guides and troubleshooting videos.

The video tutorials include a step by step guide to installing the Cure It GRP Flat Roofing System.  You can view the full installation video or watch a particular stage of the process.  We have produced a range of How to Guides for detail aspects when laying the system.  There is also a number of troubleshooting guides.

Take the Video Tutorials on the Job

If you need on the job support when installing the Cure It Flat Roofing System, refer to the video tutorials through the Cure It app.  Download the Cure It app and watch the videos when you are on the job.

We are always uploading new video guides to the Cure It library, subscribe to the Cure It Youtube channel to keep up to date with the latest tutorials.